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You know those times that you think you are doing something for someone else, and then you realize that actually, God had in his plans to get your attention instead?  Yep, just had one of those times this weekend. 

After a pretty stressful week at work I was tired, and just wanted to be home for a couple of days to regroup.  But I had purchased tickets several months ago for my daughter Hannah and I to go to the Revolve Tour, a Christian weekend conference for teen girls.  We were going with another friend of mine, her daughter and another friend of the girls.  I knew Hannah was excited, and I wanted to be, but I had that Friday-night-checked-out-glassy-eyed feeling as we drove the giggly girls downtown.  I called Jon at his hotel somewhere across the country as we headed toward the conference and mentioned in a little bit of a martyr-like way with a hint of a sigh, that I’m sure the girls will have a lot of fun so it is good that I’m taking them.

This is the part in my story (this one and many others) that I have to chuckle as I think of God, and His completely different intentions for me than I think He has.  In this example, I was completely convinced He had intentions to teach my thirteen-year old some things about friendships, Himself, and maybe a little advice on “realizing how much your parents do for you” 🙂  However, as the bands began to rock, and the speakers began to share, I found myself sitting there, tears streaming down my face, feeling like every word and note floating through the air was headed straight for my heart.  The topic of the weekend was God’s purpose and plan for your life, something that I really needed to think about since I had been feeling a little lost in that area lately.  Since I have been working almost full time, I have loosened my grip on what was so sure for me for so long….fulfilling my “purpose” as a stay-at-home mom and wife.  It was something I needed to wrestle through with God, and I do not doubt that months ago, when I bought tickets thinking this would be great for Hannah, He knew I would need to be there just as much, if not more, than her.  He knew, in His sovereignty, that I would have just had a major life transition, and that I would be a bit broken at this very point in time.  To rephrase it, I would be ripe for listening to what He wanted to say to me.

I feel like I have to re-experience this truth over and over in my life, but “God is near to the broken-hearted/down/stressed-out/at the end of their rope/confused/sad/defeated….fill in the blank.” And when we are in that place, we can be free of our own capabilities enough to really be able to not just listen, but hear.  I know this, because just six months ago I sat for a full weekend at the “Women of Faith” conference (a big girl version of the Revolve Tour) and just thought it was nice.  I was in a good place then, not too much struggle going on in my heart, and guess what, I left the conference thinking, “Well, that was good.  Nice.  Maybe I’ll go back in a few years.” No tears, no heart shifts….just fine.  And to be honest, I like it when everything is nice.  I don’t want to live in struggle-ville all the time.  But there is a great gift that comes with struggling….nearness to God. 

I felt God say to me this weekend, that I needed to trust him and his plan for me.  That I needed to keep communicating with him, and that He would direct my path.  I didn’t leave with all the answers, but I did leave with a renewed closeness to my Heavenly Daddy, and if it takes going to a teenage conference to get that, then sign me up again!

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