Sharing The Good Stuff : Cease-Fire


“I never find forgiveness easy, and rarely do I find it completely satisfying.  Nagging injustices remain, and the wounds still cause pain. I have to approach God again and again, yielding to him the residue of what I thought I had committed to him long ago.  I do so because the gospels make clear the connection:  God forgives my debts as I forgive my debtors.  The reverse is also true:  Only by living in the stream of God’s grace will I find the strength to respond with grace towards others.
A cease-fire with human beings depends on a cease-fire with God.”

-Philip Yancey, “What’s so amazing about Grace?”
Bekah, posted this on her blog this week.  It reminded me of how much I enjoyed this book and the wisdom within it.  Thanks Bekah!

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