Our Life : Whoopin’ It Up!


Erika and I have been buddies since 7th grade.  She and her family live just one street over and Erika is pregnant.  She called to ask if I had any of those ‘whoopie pies’ in the house the other day.  A craving, dare I suggest?  Turning down a pregnant friend is not an option so, I told her we would make them on Friday.  A few other neighborhood friends joined in for the fun and it turned into a good old WHOOPIN’ time.  We made 5 different kinds of whoopie pies!  I got 5 large bowls, taped the recipe by the bowl and off we went.      Everyone went to work on a recipe.  We talked, laughed and cried and made Whoopie Pies.  It was some good old fashion girl time.  It was FUN!  Then we all went home got our pj’s on and came back to enjoy dinner and American Idol together.  Making Whoopie Pies is a great girl friend gathering.  All whoopie pies have similar ingredients, but very different flavors.   I am going to post the Whoopie Pie Recipes over the next few weeks, so you and your girl friends can enjoy them too!

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