Parenting: Advice from Maddie

What a Child Needs,

    Hi my name is Maddie!  My mom is Amy Hayes.  I asked my mom this morning if I could write in her blog and she said yes!!!  Anyway I titled this post “What a Child Needs” because I want all of you parents out there to know some things that your child may need:

1. Be able to be silly with your kids
2. Kindness
3. Help from their parents to know what is right and what is wrong
4. Patience when we are still learning how to make good decisions
5. Teach us proper manners
6. Lots of love, hugs, kisses, tickles
7. Remember to slow down on work and spend time with your kids (I just told my mom and dad to do this the other day when they were busy working! 🙂

    All of those ideas can help every parent to remember what kids hope to receive from a mom and dad.  And help both you and your child to have a great relationship!  Because I have a a fantabulous relationship with my parents!!!  Thanks for reading my opinion on how to parent!!!



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  1. threebythirty says:

    Love this, Maddie 🙂

    I'm printing this list out and keeping it in my planner to remind me of what's most important when my days are busy and hectic (as usual!)

    thanks for sharing…Mrs. Conley 😉

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