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Hi Friends!  It’s Spring Break around here and Jon and I decided that we were going to stay local for the week since I was working (a new change for me!) and he would be home with the kids.  We wanted, however, to do something fun with the kids at some point, so yesterday we had a “family day Staycation.”
Here’s what our day looked like:

First, we went to Hammond’s Candy Factory in Denver for a free tour:

 It’s a great place!  It was packed with folks taking the tour, and at the end we browsed through a wonderful candy store.  Here is a list of factory tours in the US if you are interested:

The next stop on our Staycation was the mall to buy the college shirts Jen has been talking about on our blog.  Each of the kids picked out a shirt to give to the students at Sanchez Elementary.  This was a great time to talk to our children about college opportunites for everyone.  I know from teaching in a low-income school for several years that the idea of college is not much more than a passing thought for many of these kids, filed under “that’s for other people, not me.”  I spent many hours talking to my fourth and fifth graders about college and the door to their future that it will open.   My hope was to persuade them that college was not just for a select group of society, but in America, it was available to all.  Even if their parents never attended college, they could. They needed to pursue scholarships, financial aid, and the resources available to them in high school to make it happen.
I love now when I am “friended” on Facebook by my former students who are so excited to share their college experiences and successes with me.  It can happen!  So, I hope purchasing t-shirts for these kiddos provides one more small step in that direction.  Ok, off of that soapbox and on to our next Staycation event:

Gnomeo and Juliett!  Super cute movie….and a great but slightly wierd introduction to Shakespeare for our kids!  We munched on the candy we bought at the factory tour. 🙂 After the movie we headed to RED LOBSTER for dinner…it’s our family favorite and a special treat. 

So…, we had a great day.  Sometimes my expectations soar for our family time together and we end up with bickering kids or bad food, or indecision about what to do.  This day actually was fun, funny, bonding and went as planned!  Let us know if you’ve had any great Staycation ideas lately!!

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