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Written By Amy

 Maybe you are reading this curled on a chair with a steaming cup of coffee, or on your iPhone, or at your desk in the evening when you have some down time, but wherever you are at the moment, hello!

Jen and I try to hit a variety of topics in our writing, as you may have noticed by our post titles (you can look at the top of our blog under “To Do” and “To Think” to see how all of our posts are categorized for easy reference).  Today, my topic is “Give Back.”  In the past when addressing this topic, we have shared ideas on how you can give back in your world, such as helping to pack Operation Christmas Child boxes, donating college t-shirts to low-income elementary-age kids to inspire and encourage their futures, serving at the Ronald McDonald house, and donating to the E4 Project, a ministry to the poor in Africa.  We want to share with you all the good that is going on around us and give you an easy way to link arms with these ministries and organizations.

Today, I am going to share another way to give back.   It is by helping Jen and I share Gracefullhome with others.  You see, the heart of this blog is to encourage others in their daily walk through life and with God.  The time and thought we put into our writing is simply because we feel like God has asked us to do this.  There are many women who just simply need encouragement day-to-day.  They need to know that there are others out there who are feeling the same way they do.  That is why Jen and I try to be real as to our struggles and challenges and joys.  Here is some of the feedback we’ve received over the last year:

Thank you for the time and prayer you put into this daily missive. I am growing through it.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing this blog.  Just getting your posts gives me one way of me being able to say connected and is uplifting and I can relate to both of you on so many things.”

“I love reading what you are writing!! It is wonderful.  It is real. And it is practical.  I am glad you guys are doing this!!  I pray that it blesses the hearts of many women!”

“I really love your blog.  I have never followed blogs before this one , so it is enjoyable.  Thank you to you and Jen for doing this.  Seems just real and honest.  I am hoping that it helps me move closer to God–the desire I have now–just seems so hard with every day life.”

“Just wanted to let you know that this morning at my Tuesday morning women’s bible study, my friend told me what an amazing impact your website has had on her life since she began to follow the blog.  She has 5 kids, works, and is on the women’s council with me for the ministry–needless to say, she barely has time to BREATHE!  Anyhow, she told me that she barely has time to do anything but DAILY she makes time to read your updates and blogs and they have provided so much encouragement to her.  The literally told me that it has changed her life and she is soooo grateful.  The encouragement from your blog has helped her at a crucial time in her life!”

We humbly feel like God is working here.  Between Facebook, our email subscribers, and our Google readers, we have about 140 men and women who follow our blog in one way or another.  We would love to increase that number for no other reason than just to allow God to work in more lives! So, I humbly ask if you would consider giving back to Gracefullhome by sending our link to 5 people on your email list…Friends, neighbors, or family who you think would want to be a part of this community.  We have no ulterior motives! (Someday we would like to earn some income from our advertising, but we learned we need at least 750 followers for that so we are not even thinking of that at this time!!).  We believe we have a great community here and would love to invite more to be a part of it.  We promise to continue to be honest and real, prayerfully write our posts, and provide great resources such as books, activities, serving opportunities, and great recipies!

So, that’s the “give back” I am proposing today.  We appreciate your support more that we can say!!  Thank you friends!


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