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Written By Amy

I’m all about “tips” these days.  I just seem to need practical concrete solutions to the problems in my life to make them easier.   One of the struggles I have been having in this time of busyness is finding time to pray.  In God’s goodness and his desire for me not to grow stagnant in my faith he sends a little help my way every now and then.  I have been in Arkansas this week with my family visiting Jon’s parents, and one day I drove to the nearby dollar store to find some hair bands that we had forgotten to bring.  As I was walking through the store, a shelf of books caught my eye, and one in particular…A Busy Woman’s Guide to Prayer, for Amy Hayes  by Cheri Fuller.  Just kidding, it wasn’t  written JUST for me, although I knew I needed to grab the $3.00 book to take home!  As I have been reading through it, it has reminded me not only of the importance sharing my life with God, the good and the bad, but that I don’t need to keep prayer in a box of just in the morning, or just before bed, or at least ___ minutes long.  Here are some practical tips on prayer I have gleaned from the book:

1.  Pray while you exercise. 

Cheri calls it “Treadmill Prayers.”  God cares about our health, physically and spiritually. Put a notebook of prayer requests on the treadmill to pray while you work out.   This morning I went for a walk on the back nine of the golf course behind Liz and Vin’s home.  While I walked, enjoying the lush forest and chirping birds, I prayed.  It was a great conversation with God and I just asked him to speak to me.  I prayed for my family members, my friends, and some things in our life that needed prayer.  I finished the walk feeling refreshed in body and spirit.


2.  Post Your Prayers

Write down your prayers on sticky notes and post them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.  Each day take one or more down and stick them somewhere you will bump into them throughout the day.  The next day, rotate a few more out.


3. Light a Candle

When something is pressing, or you have received a prayer request that needs a day full of prayer, light a candle in your home to remind you to pray for that issue or person whenever you walk by.

4.  Pray And Release

Many of us hold on to the same prayer as if clinging to one side of it while asking God to take the other will render you some bit of control of the situation (me!!).  Instead, hand your prayer completely over to the Lord, trusting in his power and love and wisdom.  Let it go, knowing that in His hands the problem is under control.

5. Pray On The Go

You can pray all day long, in all situations, and you will begin to feel connectedness to God in a new way.  Including Him in conversation in the little things like driving in traffic, or walking through a store, or at your job helps us to see that He really is working in all areas of our lives!

(Adapted from pages 44-47, A Busy Woman’s Guide To Prayer)

I will wrap up with a quote from Cheri that I loved:

“Often we think it’s our work and our efforts that will make the most impact in bringing success or needed changes.  But understanding that prayer is the major work and the most productive use of our time makes a huge difference.”  p. 62

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  1. You both have a sweet and beautiful blog! Thanks so much for stopping by AND for putting my button on here! That is just wonderful. I did a post a few months ago about prayer also:

    I really love all your great tips, too! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Becky B.
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