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Stirrings: Building

Written By Amy

Our lives are about building.  Building a family, building a home, building a career, building friendships, building a healthy body, building skill at our favorite sport or pastime.  Sometimes we are successful by the world’s standards, and at times we are not.  Even in success we can feel emptiness and ask ourselves, “Does this really matter in the big picture of life?  Is this a waste of time?”  It can matter if it is done one way…alongside God.

When we confer with Him in all of these areas we sense direction.  Doors open, other doors shut.  We feel peace, and we navigate the job or relationships or where to live in maturity and humility and knowledge that we are not the ones in control.

Pray today that God would be a the very center of your building.  Ask Him to speak to your heart about your life direction and decisions, whispering wisdom into your heart….this is just the prayer that I shared with God this morning.

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted,

Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.”    Psalm 127: 1-5

Photography : Places

Written By Jen

Look for interesting lines in architecture to make your portraits intriguing.


A Prayer

Dear Lord,

I pray today for my friend and co-author of this blog, Jen.  Today is the anniversary of the passing of her dad, Terry.  God, I am so thankful for Jen and her steadfast faith in you.  She has chosen to be vulnerable and walk through grief with brokeness and strength wrapped up together. As she has mourned the loss of her earthly father and shared that experience with us we have been blessed and moved.  And Terry has been honored.  God, I pray for Jen and her family, her Mom and her brothers as they pass through this day of remembrance.  Please give them all courage, peace, and hope in you to walk through the necessary sorrow that this day brings in order to step forth in continued healing.  Please wrap your arms around Jen and hold her, for us.  We love her and are so thankful for who she is in our lives.

In Jesus Name,


Stirrings : 1 Year Ago

Written By Jen

On July 24th, 2010, early that Saturday morning, I received a phone call from our close family friend Gail.  My mom was en route on her way home from visiting her family in Germany.  Gail said, “Jenny, as you know we are staying at your parents place and I usually don’t answer their phone when they are gone, but this morning they seem to be getting an unusual number of phone calls from Canada.”  The message was from Canadian Air Traffic Control saying that my dad’s plane had flown off radar shortly after take off that morning.  That morning I was getting ready to take my daughter to a birthday party where several of my best friends would be too.  I was about an hour and a half late, showed up in shades, and my mind was going over every possible scenario.  What followed was 5 or 6 sleepless nights.  I have a greater understanding and compassion for those who have family members “missing”.  Those were some of the hardest days of my life.  Canadian Search and Rescue worked diligently.  My mom and brothers and I did all we could to aid their search and answer questions.  Five days later they found his plane.  We were granted closure and I am thankful.  After a wonderful trip with his son and grandson canoeing we learned from Canadian Search and Rescue that he had died on impact.  We don’t know all the whys but we know enough.  We know he had a wonderful trip and he died doing something he loved.  He said to my mom before leaving, “Getting there is half the adventure for me.”  It is that spirit of adventure that made his life an incredible story.  I wanted to share a few pictures with you in this post in his memory.

My parents were grand travel companions.

This was earlier in 2010 my kids and I went to California with my mom and dad. LOVE.

My dad walking me down the aisle. We got married at my parents house. It was intimate and beautiful. My dad actually took off his tevas for a few minutes and set down his coffee cut and his camera. I think everyone remembers my dad walking around with a camera interviewing everyone before my wedding.If there was a baby in the room my dad was holding it. He was crazy about his grandkids and he always longed for the grandkids to be cousins and friends. Here he is holding my middle baby boy.

My dad would fly us around Colorado in his helicopter, chasing herds of deer and getting close up views of old indian cliff dwellings.

My dad spent his summers as a ranch had in Clover Leaf Nevada. He told us many stories of their pet owl that nearly took off his finger and it looks as though he was a real cowboy in the making.

Dad in Hong Kong with the US Navy. This was my Dad's first and last plane. He loved to fly.

He took a camera every where he went. He was a student of different cultures and always seemed to be making new friends.


This is how my mom remembers my dad. They often spent their time together hiking around Colorado.Here my dad and my brother are hiking Mt. Ypsilon.This is my Dad's favorite picture of himself as a child.These breath-taking views kept him coming back for more.This is my mom and dad with my two oldest children. Looking at the amazing icicles would never be enough, they had to experience them.This is my Uncle Roy, my dad's brother and his wife, Aunt Margaret, my Aunt Danny and my dad's brother, my Uncle Cliff, and my mom and dad.

This is the tribute I wrote to my dad for his memorial service.

He is everything to me…

My business partner

My help line when my camera breaks

My research and development director on the latest photography technology

My mentor

My perspective on supporting the underdog and the black sheep

My personal world news network

My meteorologist

My pilot

My families Tuesday night dinner date

My Children’s Opa

My dad, He is everything to me….

The reason my children squeal with joy from ribber nibbers and chin choppers

The Cookie Monster in My House

My son London’s Soul Mate

My reason to turn my lights off in my house and clean it up

My conscious to take care of my clothing and furniture

My reminder that there is plenty of money to be had and none to be wasted

My example to keep a car forever

My babysitter who is always available

My mom’s best friend

My challenge to my theology

My dad, He is everything to me…..

He is the guide who taught me “When In Rome, do as the Romans”  even if it meant  spending 21 days in China teaching me, a 10-year-old, to eat with chop sticks, and in the end we could have 1 minute races to see who could get the most marbles in a bowl.

My biggest silent fan

My favorite cowboy

My Charlie Rose Highlight Real

My Droid Updater

My Children’s favorite Storyteller

My binoculars to the world

My Motivation to Work Out and Eat Healthy

My desire to Work Hard

My shelter

My education

My dad, He is everything to me….

He is my teacher who reminds me, when encountering new people or places, do not force my culture or ideology on them, instead, be a learner and discover a new land.

My Friend

My Children’s 4 Wheel Driver

My engineer who builds contraptions of string and a pencil to teach my daughter how to walk

My sons Ride Home from Pre-School

My Videographer

My friends answer when they need a place to stay, a wedding location, or a book for school.

My generosity

My Home

My Tour Guide

My Love for Art

My reason for Hours Spent at Museums

My dad, He is everything to me….

He is the one who see Scott as a wonderful husband to me, father to my kids and quick to pick up the latest technology

My Dad is my Love for New York City

My Honest and Integrity

My Adventure

My Kids Biggest Advocate

My boost to reach the Stars and My Traction Keeping My Feet on the Ground

My Dad is who He is because he had a wonderful woman like my mom stood by his side

My Dad is because my mom was literally the wind beneath his wings

My dad, He is everything to me….

My Family is The Love of My Life:

My Friends, an AMAZING Support

My God is my Rock:
ALL of you are my Giants, thank you for lending me your shoulders.

My dad, He is everything to me

Book Club : Unbroken

Unbroken : A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Written By Jen

This is an incredibly powerful book written by Laura Hillenbrand the author of SeabiscuitUnbroken is a story of a young Louis Zamperini an Italian American growing up in Torrance, California.  He was a cunning and incorrigible delinquent in his neighborhood growing up.  His brother Pete saw Louis, though rough, was a talented runner.  As the role modle older brother he pleaded with his high school track coach to give Louis a shot.  Pete saw Louis needed attention and this would be a more positive outlet.  The coach agreed.  Louis was a track star.  He ran the 5000 meter in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  When he returned he enlisted into the USAF and was a bombardier assigned to B-24’s.  Ahead of Mr. Zamperini lay thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks, a foundering raft, thirst and starvation, enemy aircraft, and, beyond, a trial even greater. Driven to the limits of endurance, he would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humor; brutality with rebellion. His fate, whether triumph or tragedy, would be suspended on the fraying wire of his will.  His story of courage is told in amazing detail by Laura Hillenbrand.  It is one of the most powerful books I have read.



Louis reunited for the first time with his family; hugging her mother as her two sisters watch with overflowing happiness.

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