A Prayer

Dear Lord,

I pray today for my friend and co-author of this blog, Jen.  Today is the anniversary of the passing of her dad, Terry.  God, I am so thankful for Jen and her steadfast faith in you.  She has chosen to be vulnerable and walk through grief with brokeness and strength wrapped up together. As she has mourned the loss of her earthly father and shared that experience with us we have been blessed and moved.  And Terry has been honored.  God, I pray for Jen and her family, her Mom and her brothers as they pass through this day of remembrance.  Please give them all courage, peace, and hope in you to walk through the necessary sorrow that this day brings in order to step forth in continued healing.  Please wrap your arms around Jen and hold her, for us.  We love her and are so thankful for who she is in our lives.

In Jesus Name,


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  1. Julianna says:

    agree and praying! Love you jen! Thanks for sharing your fabulous prayer!

  2. Thanks Friend!!

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