Design: A Kitchen Makeover

Written By Amy

My sister, Emily, moved into the most adorable home a year ago.  It was an older home in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, and she had a vision to redo some things in the house when she moved in.  Emily painted the whole house in great colors, and brought in her furniture and various becoming accessories.    I loved the feel of the home the minute I walked in!

One of Emily’s visions was to somehow redo the kitchen cabinets.  It was a dilemma though, because the floor was a white and black checked tile. The cabinets were a bland wood color, and the counter tops were a dark grey/black.  You can’t see the floor in this picture, but here’s what her kitchen looked like:

You can barely see the floor in this picture, and the seating area was a bench with a table.  There was a bland tan fabric covering the bench.  The kitchen needed a facelift…Emily wanted it to be a place that pulled you in, invited you to sit and enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee.

Emily and I talked during a visit last summer and I suggested painting the cabinets black.  I love black cabinets in the right setting, and I thought they would pull together the counter and flooring.  She was instantly excited about doing this and worked very hard over the next several months on the repainting project. Emily wanted to cover the bench in a new fabric, so she picked out  a black and white pattern that looked fantastic!  Here is the made-over kitchen, knobs and all!

Didn’t Emily do a great job?  I just love it.  You can see she painted the walls a mustard yellow color which adds warmth to the black and the floor.  Add a little light on the kitchen counter for an even softer look.  Her final project is to paint the brown trim white and then the kitchen will be complete. 

Four easy steps to paint cabinets:

1. Sand any rough spots.

2. Take the doors off the hinges.

3. Prime all wood surfaces.

4. Paint two coats of paint on the wood. 

Don’t forget to add or update the hardware, and redo any outdated lighting.    Thanks for a peek into your great new kitchen Emily!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Looks great, Ems! See you SOON.

  2. Hey Ames, I love what your sister did!! What a transformation 🙂 You know I’m always a fan of black..
    There’s a great product that Rustoleum makes to make painting cabniets a little easier. They have a ton of colors and glazes too. They also make a product for countertops that you just roll on , to transform those formica counter tops.. Check it out when you get a minute.
    Thanks for sharing,

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