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We have been posting for over a year now, first on our blog CLOSER, and now on GraceFULLhome.  GraceFULLhome is about real life.  Our stories, our relationships, and our walk with God.  Jen and I feel very called to share our hearts and what we are learning with you!

We met this week to discuss the blog, what we can improve, tweaking our posting schedule, etc.  We are so thankful for all the encouraging comments we get, which mostly come in the form of emails to us on our personal email addresses.  The comments connect us to who is reading, how what we are writing affects you, and what things we should keep writing about.

So, we have a favor!  Would you be willing to post comments, thoughts, observations directly on our blog?  If you click the orange leave a comment link directly below our post it will open up a text box.  One reason we would prefer you to post directly on our blog is that it allows other readers to see the “community” we have.  You can comment to each other and to Jen and I.   Let’s get to know each other!

If you get this on email, which a large part of our readership does, would you consider clicking on the blog link above the email to quickly post a comment?  You can also see the other things we have going on on our blog, like the daily pictures or scripture verses.  You can also poke around on our archives for recipes or devotionals.

We would love the feedback.  So, here’s our first feedback question for you to comment on:

What do you like to read about most on our blog?

Is there anything you would like to more or less of?  What would make you look forward to reading our posts?

Also, we have started Tweeting.  If you click on the TWITTER link on the top of our blog you will see the community there.  Would love for you to join!

Thanks again for all of your support.


Amy and Jen

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  1. Sandra Zoratti says:

    Amy and Jen,
    You are doing a GREAT job with your postings that share your stories, experiences and wisdom! Thank you for including me as part of your blog. I like the stories, the pictures, the quote of the day. thank you for you both, Sandra

  2. lisa redwine says:

    Ladies, I love the encouragement. Recipes are wonderful too! You honor God with this effort! In His Grip, Lisa

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