Challenge: Are You Worshiping the Wrong Things?

Written By Amy

I am reading a great book called Real Moms…Real Jesus.  Jill Savage, the author, writes about how we tend to worship the wrong things in life instead of worshiping God.  God had been speaking to her heart about her addiction with pride and control…and how that was an act of worshiping another God in her life.  Here’s a bit of the conversation she was having with God:

“Over the next few days, God took that conversation a little farther.   He took me to Exodus 20 where you can read the Ten Commandments.  The first commandment is “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me” (verse 3).  I have read that verse many times before but this time it struck me differently.  All of a sudden I saw pride differently.  I never thought of it this way before, but it is actually the worship of ourselves.  We begin to think, often subconsciously, that our ways are the best ways–even better than God’s ways–so we move our eyes off of God to ourselves.  We worship the wrong thing.”  (Page 38)

She goes on to share other things we have set up as “Gods” in our life:

*Worry is The Worship of Our Circumstances

*Unforgiveness and bitterness is The Worship of  Hurt Caused by Someone Else        (Page 40)

I’m adding some others:

* Jealousy is the Worship of Others

* Discontentment  is the Worship of Want

* Impatience is the Worship of Me and My Schedule

* Control is the Worship of Things Going My Way

* Judgement is the Worship of Self Promotion

Me and I just seeps out of those phrases doesn’t it?  God wants us to take the focus off of ourselves.  He lovingly knows that when we stop worshiping ourselves and focus on him, life falls into perspective.  Here’s what I mean:

Peace is worshiping God and trusting Him with our life

Contentment is worshiping God and  believing what He has given us is more than enough

Patience is worshiping God and trusting in His timing

Hope is worshiping God and knowing He is always good

Grace is worshiping God and understanding we can extend grace because we have been given grace.

Forgiveness is worshiping God and having strength to forgive because we are forgiven by Him

Where is the focus of your worship?  How is the scale tipped…you vs. God?   I don’t know about you, but I will be thinking twice when I get impatient with how long my kids are taking to get in (or out of) the car, or when I get a little bent out of shape because my husband doesn’t do something the way I would do it.

Less of me, more of God.





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  1. Sandra Zoratti says:

    Amy, what a powerful blogpost! These words are so true, but yet so difficult to see in ourselves. Your writing helped to open my eyes. Thank you. Sandra

  2. Thanks Sandra…I know, so hard isn’t it!! Convicting for my heart.

  3. I LOVED THIS REMINDER!!! Amy, it was a great reminder of true worship as we read in How to Worship Jesus Christ by Joseph Caroll when we were at WR. Thank you for the precious reminder!!! Worship Jesus all day!!

  4. This post was exactly what I needed to read today. I have been praying for God’s wisdom in my life, and this post cut right to the core. Thanks Amy! Hey, I heard Jill Savage on the radio this am. Interesting enough, God used her words to encourage and convict me as well. Go Jill. 🙂

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