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Guest Blogger: Erin on Motherhood


Last week I posted an unknown author’s variation of Corinthians 13, and challenged us all to rewrite it for our own lives.  Well, a friend of mine did.  Erin is a mom of three and teaches at the school where Jen’s and my kids attend (I have been blessed to have my children in her class!).  She also has a blog called ThreeByThirty (click on our blogroll on the right) and she posted her version last week in response to this challenge.  It is inspiring and heart warming.

Erin with two of her kiddos

Here is what she wrote:

This morning, I read an entry written by Amy
entitled “How Well Do You Love?”.
I had never read that variation of 1st Corinthians 13 before, but immediately
began drawing parallels with my own life.  Of course, there are parts of that
version that don’t yet apply to my life, which is why I was inspired by the
challenge Amy presented, in re-writing a version that reflects where I am in my
life now.  Despite the non-stop pace of this day (and so many more before it, as
well as those to come), I found myself thinking about this post.  The hour is
late, the science tests that rode home with me sit unscored in my work bag, and
the laundry needs switched (sidebar: the washer buzzed just as I typed
that…a little extra reminder from God, since laundry is, in my opinion, the
worst.chore.ever.??).  All of these factors aside, I feel compelled to take on
this challenge tonight.  I know it won’t be my ‘ideal’, but that illustrates
just how organic motherhood and womanhood can be–tomorrow, this whole
thing could be different.

Here goes…

I can sing the theme song
to Spongebob and recite The Little Mermaid by heart, but without love, I am
merely a car alarm going off during nap time.

I can change the diaper of a
squirmy baby in ten seconds flat while watching a three-year old’s impromptu
dance routine and listen to my five-year old read a book for his homework  I can
chop veggies so fine they can’t pick them out of the sauce, while making a
grocery list complete with a stack of neatly trimmed coupons.  I can hold a
conversation with a magical fairy princess and a Storm Trooper from Star Wars
while tossing a football and blowing bubbles, but without love, I am

Love is patient while listening to the
minute-by-minute account of a fight, told by a frustrated child who wants
validation in their decision to show their anger toward their sibling with their

Love is kind even when I’m overwhelmed and
exhausted, and I’ve heard ‘moooommmmy….?’ for the three thousandth time in the
day…my tone is nurturing and calm.

It does not envy the
mommies who somehow have time to work out, have standing pedicure appointments,
or a wardrobe from stores I can only dream of shopping in…but trusts
the Lord
to provide me with my own joys and pleasures as ‘treats’ for

Love does not brag about the blessings which
have been bestowed upon us.  Love rejoices in the blessings God
bestows upon our friends and family.

It does not boast,
when I’ve come home from a full day of work to prepare a healthy and
well-rounded dinner for my family when my husband’s ‘chef’s special’
incorporates peanut butter and jelly with bread.

Love is not
, even when other customers at the grocery store are oblivious to
the family circus I am trying to keep under control, and run into my children
with their cart in an attempt to be first in the check out line (despite the
screaming baby in my car seat)

It does not immediately seek after
after I’ve unloaded the dishwasher, or folded the

It is not easily angered by other drivers who
*love* to drive in my blind spot, or by an endless slew of red lights on
mornings I’m already running late and evenings I

It does not delight in evil when
I’m obviously right, but rejoices in the truth…that I
was right. (room for growth…I know!)

Love does not
give up hope
when you’re supporting your best friend through the fight
of her life.

It always trusts God to watch over my
husband when he’s driving in the middle of night on limited sleep, to keep my
children safe when I can’t be there or can’t put my ‘mommy bubble wrap’ around
them.  It always perseveres…through 3 kids in 5 years,
thousands of miles from family, non-traditional work schedules, crying babies
and tears, angry outbursts and tragic loss.

Love never


Thanks so much for sharing your life with us Erin!  If anyone else has decided to rewrite this scripture for their life, please email it to us (if you feel so inclined) at and let us know if we can share it on our blog.  If you are reading this on email, please click on the GraceFullhome link above to see new pictures and other fun stuff on our sidebar!



An Oooey-Gooey Halloween Game

Written By Jen

Last Halloween Scott’s sister and I hung out all day together.  All the cousins absolutely love to be together.  Scott’s sister’s husband is in the USAF, so they move around the country every couple of years.  We don’t always live in the same state, so we all feel pretty blessed when we get to hang out.  Here is a little fun we had last Halloween, Oooey-Gooey Gummy Worm Race.  You will need disposable pie  tins, gummy worms, whipped cream and towels!  The kids will think it’s pretty fun to put this game together.  First, make sure you have one pie tin for each participant.  Place an equal amount of gummy worms in each tin.  Then, cover the gummy worms in whipped cream.  Use a dish cloth as a bib, this game is a SWEET MESSY!  Get everyone in position.  The goal is to see who can get all the gummy worms out of the pie tin the fastest using only their teeth.  Finally, start the game!  On your marks, get set, GO!  Let the laughter begin!

Spread the gummy worms out in the pie tin.

Get ready!


He is not in the mood for messy!


I'll do it my way.


Everyone had fun!


Wise Words: How well do you LOVE?


You may have read this before, but it is worth reading again.  It is a “Mom’s” version of 1st Corinthians 13, known as the Love Chapter in the bible BUT it can speak to all of us!  If you are a mom of children still living at home, I encourage you to print this and highlight the parts that speak to you.  If your children are adults or you don’t have children, I encourage you to rewrite this in your own life version, whether it applies to marriage, relationships at work, or friendships (or all three!):

I can read bedtime stories till the cow jumps over the moon and sing
“Ten Little Monkeys” until I want to call the doctor–but if I don’t
have love, I’m as annoying as a ringing phone.

I can chase a naked toddler through the house while cooking dinner and
listening to voice mail, I can fix the best cookies and Kool-Aid in the
neighborhood, and I can tell a sick child’s temperature with one touch of my
finger, but if I don’t have love, I am nothing.

Love is patient while watching and praying by the front window when it’s 30
minutes past curfew.

Love is kind when my child says, “I don’t like you anymore!”

It does not envy the neighbors’ swimming pool or their brand-new mini van,
but trusts the Lord to provide every need.

Love does not brag when other parents share their disappointments and
insecurities, and love rejoices when other families succeed.

It doesn’t boast, even when I’ve multi-tasked all day long and my husband
can’t do more than one thing at a time.

Love is not rude when my spouse innocently asks, “What have you done

It does not immediately seek after glory when we see talent in our children,
but encourages them to get training and make wise choices.

It is not easily angered, even when my 15-year-old acts like the world
revolves around her.

It does not delight in evil (is not self-righteous) when I remind my
17-year-old that he’s going 83 in a 55-mph zone, but rejoices in the truth.

Love does not give up hope. It always protects our children’s self-esteem
and spirit, even while doling out discipline.

It always trusts God to protect our children even when we cannot. It always perseveres, through blue nail polish,
rolled eyes and crossed arms, messy rooms and sleepovers.

Love never fails.

~Author Unknown

Please pass this on to all the women you love!


Celebrate : Mummy Dogs and Bones & Blood

Written By Jen

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Hot Dogs

For the Mummy Dogs, wrap a hot dog in a crescent roll. Place on baking sheet and cook according to crescent roll package. Before serving add mustard eyes to the mummies.


Bones & Blood
Pillsbury bread sticks
Pizza Sauce

For the Bones and Blood, shape the bread sticks into bones. Bake according to the package. Serve with warm pizza sauce as the blood.

Stirrings : Freaked Out

Written By Jen

Have you ever seen something scary and just couldn’t shake the image?  Well it’s that spooky time of year.  Our daughter was asking if ghosts were real last night.  I don’t know about ghosts, but I believe demons are real.  I think that scared her more, it is pretty creepy.  We talked about how the Bible says, “greater is HE who is in us (God) than he who is in this world” 1 John 4:4.  She also just couldn’t shake the image of Sue the dinosaur that she saw at the museum that day.

I think we all encounter things that we are afraid of. Last night we took the time to address it as a life lessons.  We will always have things that race through our minds that scare us, it’s just what we do with it.  I teach my kids to try and change their thoughts to happy things, things that bring them joy.  Scott is really good at making them laugh and this seems to be a wonderful remedy.  Last night he told our daughter to imagine Sue as Rex from Toy Story and then he started acting it out and we were all laughing.  I also teach them to pray and sing praise songs.  There is something about singing praise songs that is so powerful.  It is hard to think of other things when you are singing.  Can you think of a good song you sing when things are hard or scary?  What does it do for you?  For me it forces me to remember what is true and what an awesome and powerful God we have.

Scott and I usually stop and pray together for our kids too.  Last night when our daughter was scared Scott was tucking the boys in and  he sent me this:

This was an encouraging scripture that I read tonight and wanted to share with our girl tonight. I love you with all my heart.
Psalm 121:7-8

“The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul. The Lord will guard your going out and coming in from this time forth forever.”
How’s that for a promise? YES! AMEN! Perfect for her.
God, I pray that our darling little girl would believe that and know that is true in her heart, and with all of her heart! Amen.

Not only is this true for our daughter, but all who believe.  What seems to help you or your kids get through a scary moment?

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