An Oooey-Gooey Halloween Game

Written By Jen

Last Halloween Scott’s sister and I hung out all day together.  All the cousins absolutely love to be together.  Scott’s sister’s husband is in the USAF, so they move around the country every couple of years.  We don’t always live in the same state, so we all feel pretty blessed when we get to hang out.  Here is a little fun we had last Halloween, Oooey-Gooey Gummy Worm Race.  You will need disposable pie  tins, gummy worms, whipped cream and towels!  The kids will think it’s pretty fun to put this game together.  First, make sure you have one pie tin for each participant.  Place an equal amount of gummy worms in each tin.  Then, cover the gummy worms in whipped cream.  Use a dish cloth as a bib, this game is a SWEET MESSY!  Get everyone in position.  The goal is to see who can get all the gummy worms out of the pie tin the fastest using only their teeth.  Finally, start the game!  On your marks, get set, GO!  Let the laughter begin!

Spread the gummy worms out in the pie tin.

Get ready!


He is not in the mood for messy!


I'll do it my way.


Everyone had fun!


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