Candy: Halloween Activities for Kids

Written By Amy

In our blog, we try to spend most of our time on the “meat” of life…sharing things that will cause us to grow into better people, and deepen our relationship with God.  Every now and then, we need to throw in some “candy”…things that are easy and fun and you can use right now if you want.  Here are a few links to things you can print out and work on with your kids this Halloween month!


For those of you who are not big fans of Halloween but love the pumpkins like I do, here’s a great one:


This link is great for moms of preschoolers…you can print out activity books with just a few words that the kids can trace and write:

Finally, this website has a bunch of great acrostic poems for your trick-or-treaters:

Have a great weekend!




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  1. Thanks for these Amy! I love to print these out for fun activities for lazy days!

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