Budget Decorating!

Written By Amy

My daughter Maddie’s room had a couple of walls that needed some decorating love.

I was trying to figure out how to update her room on a budget, so I went to Wal-Mart and got some white wood frames.   Then I dug out my old scrapbooking days paper (I have a ton!) and pulled out pieces that had colors from Maddie’s quilt–I chose several pieces with different patterns.  I also found some buttons, brads and felt in our craft cabinet that I thought I might use.  Here’s what evolved:

I chose this paisley yellowish/tan paper that I loved to go in the first frame.  I took a piece of white felt and cut out the letter “M”.  You will see in the end product I removed the gray buttons:

I put together different patterns and the accessories to find a balanced but creative look:

Here it is starting to come together:


And, the final product:



On another wall I hung a matching frame with a design inside that matched the others:

All the pieces come together for a final look!


 The whole project ended up costing around $20.00 which was the cost of the frames since I had everything else around the house.

Do you have any budget decorating ideas you can share with us?


Some things I am thankful for:

Fleece * God * Pizza * My Husband * Candles

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