God Walks With Us

Written By Amy

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year we had some close family friends from Dallas visit us for the holiday, and it was a gift to plan and shop and cook with my friend Jodie.  We decided to try a new idea around the Thanksgiving dinner table.  We had each person (child and adult) write down before the meal “Three Pasts and a Future.”  In other words, two things we were thankful for from this past year, and one that we hope to be thankful for a year from now.  The catch, however, was that each person needed to be stealthy about their comments because at the dinner table one person would pull the written down ideas out of a bowl and read them aloud….and everyone needed to guess whose thoughts had been shared.  It was a time of laughter and sincerity and sharing of hearts.

This experiment made me think about the past year and the struggles we have had (some somewhat serious injuries with our kids from sports, financial stress and job instability) and realize how God has seen us through all of it, which made me thankful.  I had to acknowledge that much of my worry in life is about the unknown, or uncertainty of the future…for our family that seems to be job stability or pay cuts or raises.  For some, worry may be about a troubled marriage, a job, direction in life, or an illness.

As I wrote down my “future” thankful hope, it was that a new business venture that my husband is pursuing would be successful and we would be thankful for that.  As I thought some more, however, I realized my future thankful hope should be nothing except…”I am thankful that God has walked with us no matter what will come this next year.”  Right?  I can be hopeful for Jon’s business, but I can already be thankful for my position of peace that I will have a year from now, regardless of the outcome.  God has promised me that he would never leave me, he will not give me more than what I can handle, and that he has a good plan and purpose for my life if I trust him with it and ask him through prayer to guide me.

Hear the voice of God in these paraphrased scriptures:

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.”   Genesis 28:15

“I will meet all your needs according to my glorious riches. ”  Philippians 4:19

“Nothing in all creation will be able to separate you from my love.”   Romans 8:38-39

So, I have a lot of hopes for this next year (I am starting out the year with major knee surgery, and I can guarantee you that I hope that will go well!), but I already know what I will be thankful for… that my God will be walking through the year with me no matter what should come my way.

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  1. Amy,
    I love this post! I especially love this sentence – “I can already be thankful for my position of peace that I will have a year from now, regardless of the outcome.” It’s so well-said. A timely reminder of God’s goodness no matter our circumstances!
    Miss you already!

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