A Guest Room Makeover

Written By Amy

Last week I got a bee in my bonnet to switch our kid’s rooms around to create a guest room.  We have guests come stay with us several times a year and currently don’t have a room just for them.  For some reason this is important to me….wanting the family and friends who stay with us to feel completely at home in their own space vs. staying in our kid’s rooms.  In addition, the stress of moving out half of my daughter’s things to create a clutter free room was wearing on me!  So, my two daughters are now sharing a room and it is working out really well!  They have their girl-pad.

Here is the guest room now:


The walls were already grey, and I had the yellow rug from my younger daughter’s room, so I decided to work with those two colors (and white since I had a white comforter and pillowcases already).  I brought in a dresser from storage and an end table from a hallway to warm up the cooler colors.

Using a yellow pillow that I already had, I purchased a throw of a matching color for the end of the bed.  Above the bed I used a large frame for pictures that I had bought a year ago at Target on a great sale, but hadn’t set aside the time to put pictures in.  I found yellow scrapbook paper to frame some of the pictures, and to fill in where I didn’t have any pictures yet.  This was the perfect size for a bed that doesn’t have a headboard.


One of the  purchases I made for this room was this curtain that I hung in front of the closet.  I bought a tension rod to hang it from.  We had removed the door when it was my daughter’s room because it took up too much wall space when it was open.  I wanted a curtain that was yellow, but had a pattern since the beadspread was all one color.

I brought in a wooden chair that I purchased at Salvation Army for $5.oo years ago, and had been sitting in our basement collecting dust.  I like to have a chair for guests to sit on or hang shirts on, etc.  The vase with yellow flowers was an inexpensive way to soften and accessorize the room, and I picked up a LOVE sign on clearance on Target.

This ceiling fan used to be hot pink, so I used some white paint we had to paint the fan blades.  I ran into Home Depot one day to grab three new little tan shades for the lights.  This was an easy but significant change for the room (if you can imagine!)

Here is one last view.  I wanted to leave you with some of the decorating rules of thumb that I used when redoing this room:

1.  Start with an inspiration piece that you own (I used the yellow rug) and plan your room from there.  For me, white, grey and yellow sounded good!

2.   Use as much as you can from your own collection of “stuff.”  We already had the mattress in storage along with the furniture, lamps, curtains, and      bedding.

3.  Use paint to neutralize things like the ceiling fan, walls, or even furniture.

4.  Bring in woods to warm up the space….darker wood really warmed up the cooler yellow and grey colors.

5.  Use patterns and solids in balance.  Too much pattern makes your guest have a headache, and too little means….boooring!

6.  Guests want comfortable, simple and peaceful.

Please let us know if you do a room makeover…we would love to see it.





















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