Day 10 :: The Gift of Memories

Written By Jen

Hey ya all!  Just a few tips for getting great pictures this Christmas.

1. Open all your blinds!  Natural light in pictures is key!

2. Sit close to the window with the light coming over your shoulders.  Then the people you are photographing will have that nice sunlight on their faces.  It is harder to get a good shot shooting into the light.

3. Capture emotion, it’s more interesting than posed pictures.  Those are the pictures we are drawn to and the ones that move us.  They trigger memories and capture personalities.  When you look at a picture with emotion you almost feel like you are there.  They are the BEST pictures.

4. Clear out the trash.  Things like cups and plates of food clutter up a picture.  Just slide that stuff off to the side before you shoot.

5.  Look at what is behind your subject.  Simple is better.  Sometimes you can move your self around and it changes what is behind your subject.  I think it is better for you to move than to ask your subject to move.  You want your subject to be as natural as possible, so if you are asking them to move around for the picture you are losing the moment.

6. Set the camera down and be present.  Get a few good shots to remember the day and then LIVE IT.  Enjoy the day the Lord has made!

This is at night with a flash.  Lighting is not great but great expressions!  Hmm I wonder what is happening here….

This is a sweet picture, see the natural nice natural light coming in to the shot?  Love it.

There are some hard shadows on this picture and natural light.  That is okay.  Shadows are interesting.  They make men look masculine.  For women a soft light is better.  I love that sweet face.  That is an i love you mommy smile!

Check out the light here outside.  Outside pictures are awesome.  Look for cloud cover or shade for better pictures.

Hey Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope to see some of your great pictures!!!  I am a lover of pictures!  They tell our stories!  Would love to see yours!

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