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Written By Jen

Hi Friends.  Amy and I want to bring a new dimension to Grace FULL Home.  We want our blog not to be just about words but actions as well.  We would like to put some hands and feet on this thing.  We are tossing around hosting 4 events in 2012 to serve others TOGETHER!  We are excited about coming together to meet the needs of others.  We hope to be a blessing to others.  We also are looking forward to spending time with you.  We want to meet you and get to know you and serve together with you.

Here are the four events we are tossing around.

1. In January we are having a Lia Sophia jewelry party and all the proceeds will go to a local missionary.  She is working at the University of Colorado with The Navigators.  She is helping instill leadership, wisdom, integrity and a strong Biblical foundation into the next generations of leaders in America.  She is also taking a group of students to serve in Haiti over spring break.  She has found herself $4200 dollars short and if the money isn’t raised by February 20th, she will be asked to step off campus until she is fully funded.  We are friends with a Lia Sophia advisor who offered to give all the proceeds to our missionary friend.  So, Grace FULL Home friends, if you would like to help support our friend serving our young colligeate Americans, we would love for you to join us at the party.  There is a GREAT sale going on right now for Lia Sophia.  Buy one item full price and you get 2 items at half price.  (The more expensive items can be the items at half price!)  You can get all your wedding, mother’s day, birthday presents and shower gifts taken care of for the year!  AND all the proceeds go to a great cause!  We would love for you to join us for the party!  It is on Saturday, January 28.  Because this is such a public forum please email us at gracefullhome@yahoo.com for more details and your RSVP!

Here is how you can help out and SHOP ONLINE!

  • go to www.liasophia.com/lainieharris 
  • go to “browse our jewelry”
  • on the next screen, you can plug in my name:  Jennifer Severn 
  • THEN all the profits will still go to help Jenny!  Awesome!!!


2.  We would like to invite you to join us in the spring to serve a meal at the Ronald McDonald House.  Amy and I have done this before with our famlies and were so blessed by the experience.  We met some wonderful people and they were gratful for a warm meal during a tough time for their family.  Details to come.

3.  We would like to have a back to school supply drive in July or August.  This will help local schools provide supplies for low income students.  Both Amy and I have done this with our kids and it’s a BLAST for all!


4.  In December we would like to meet up with you all at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse and help get the boxes ready for delivery.  Amy and her daughters do this every year and it is a great opportunity to serve and it is a fun time to hang out.

We are still in the early stages of working the details out, but we would love to serve along side you all.

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