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(Many Thanks Kristen!)

I really needed some decorations for one wall in our bedroom, so when I saw this project, I thought it was perfect.  When I was a freshman in college and going to Colorado Christian University, the verse theme for the school year was Micah 6:8, so I’ve always liked the verse.  However, this semester, my small group is reading the book Generous Justice by Timothy Keller and it’s given the do/act justly part of the verse a new meaning for me.  Have you read the book?  I definitely recommend it 🙂


Here’s what I did:
I just used those little bottles of acrylic paint. After painting the canvas ($5.99 for two 11 x 14 canvases at Hobby Lobby) a dark brown, I went around the sides of the canvas with a metallic brown (copper) color. I wanted a small edge of copper visible from the front so I allowed the brush (with just a tiny amount of paint) to hang over onto the front of the canvas. I found that a foam brush worked really well for this project. To give the background a little more texture, I dabbed off most of the paint and lightly went over the front of the canvas in both vertical and horizontal strokes. I painted my son’s hands & feet (one at a time) with the turquoise and pressed them on. I thought I could accomplish this by myself, but it really was necessary to have my husband hold him while I opened his hand and directed it to the canvas. Tip: Have a wet paper towel on standby to quickly wipe off the print if it doesn’t come out well. I had to redo the right hand and foot once each. You may have to repaint the background again, but it dries quickly. Also, to get my kid’s hand opened, we put a toy he loves just in front of the canvas. When he reached for it with an open hand, I pushed his hand on the canvas instead. Not quite what he wanted, but he’ll appreciate the artwork later  I’m not super artistic, so I used wax paper and cut out a heart to use as a stencil and just sponged in the heart. The writing was done using a white paint pen. It’s way easier to write with it than with a paint brush!

This fun idea came from Pintrest!

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