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His Wife

Hello!  Jen and I are gearing up to begin regularly posting again in June.  We are going to kick off with a great give-away so stay tuned.  

I want to share with you a devotional I read this morning from Stormie Omartian’s book, “A Book of Prayer.”   It spoke to me and encouraged me to strive to be this kind of partner.  Men, you can substitute “husband”  for wife if you so desire.

                                                            His Wife

Lord I confess the times I’ve been unloving, critical, angry, resentful, disrespectful, or unforgiving toward my husband.

Help me to put aside any hurt, anger, or disappointment I feel and forgive him the way You do totally and completely, no looking back.  Make me a tool of reconciliation, peace, and healing in this marriage.  Make me my husband’s helpmate, companion, champion, friend, and support.

Help me to create a peaceful, restful, safe place for him to come home to.  Teach me how to take care of myself and stay attractive to him.  Grow me into a creative and confident woman who is rich in mind, soul and spirit.  Make me the kind of woman he can be proud to say is his wife. p. 245

If you know Stormie’s background, her marriage almost fell apart.  She speaks from walking through the fire.

May you feel a renewed spirit toward your spouse today.




Written By Amy

Hey There!

Our family is wrapping up the school year like so many of you are too…getting ready for the transition of kids home for the summer.  For me it’s the yin with the yang!  No more 6:00 am wake ups, dreary-eyed lunch packaging, and hustle out the door mornings (yay!).  We can now enjoy lazy summer days at the pool, camping trips, and family dinners on the patio.  BUT welcome to messy house twenty-four-seven, copious snack consumption, and the two week how-to-get-along-with-eachother-in-eachother’s-space-and-life-again-sibling-boot-camp that we go through each June.  “I’m bored” all of a sudden enters my children’s repertoire of language. Family field trips to the grocery store….(Anyone?)

A few years back someone said to me, “Life can be hard but good at the same time.”  It was such a freeing statement for me.  It freed me from my thoughts of: “When things are hard in life, life is bad.”  I was enlightened!  I started to say, “Some things in my life are hard, but that doesn’t have to negate the parts of my life that are good.”  I can have both, and feel both.  This summer, I can feel overwhelmed at the state of my house,  non-existent time for myself, and hearing many, many, more little voices shouting  “Mom!” BUT, I can also be grateful for the time I will share with my family this summer.  We will swim and take walks and travel together.   I will appreciate eating frozen yogurt with my daughters and seeing the joy in my son’s eyes when he catches a fish.  For three months, we will reconnect as a family in deeper, stronger ways.

While these examples of the good/bad in life  may be surface compared to the challenges you face today, remember in all circumstances there is joy to be found.  You can be happy even when the unhappy lurks in the next room.  Failure and success can ride in the car with you, just let success have shotgun.  Disappointment and satisfaction may both be your neighbors, but you can  invite satisfaction over for dinner more often.

May God be with you and His blessings upon you.

Mother’s Day Thoughts

Written By Amy

Happy Mother’s Day!  We just finished making plans for today…a bike ride, a little shopping, a movie, and pizza all with one stipulation–our whole family is together for every little bit of it.  We are in a phase of life that pulls our family five different directions each day, so I treasure a day where I can say, “No sports, no friends, no school…just family.”  This is a gift to me!

Last year I blogged about my soul-searching journey as a mom.  If you would like to read it please click here.

Moms, I pray that you are blessed today!



“May Day!”

Written By Jen


Hey friends!  Amy and I are going to take the month of May off from blogging.  May is one of the busiest months of the year.  It is full of celebrations, graduations, parties, performances, ceremonies, and it is busy, busy, busy.  So, we are going to give ourselves some grace and take the month off.  We may post here and there, but for the most part we are going to just try to remain present and thankful in the moment, while trying to keep our ships afloat!  We hope you all have a wonderful May!  We also are going to take some time at the beginning of June to talk and pray about Grace Full Home.  We will we talking about what’s coming up for the summer months and the fall for the blog.  See you back here soon!  Grace to you this May!

Men and Women: “Why are you so different than me?”

Written By Amy

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the differences between men and women, and how we can find more peace in our relationships with the other gender when we understand God created us to be different, to compliment each other.

That being said, those differences will continue to crop up in unexpected places and surprise us.

A story that illustrates my point happened a couple of months ago when we were visiting some family friends. My daughter Maddie (10), my friend, and her daughter in law and I were sitting on the couch chatting.  The topic of getting pulled over by the police came up and my friend shared how she and her husband had been pulled over that morning for making a turn from the wrong lane.  My friend was being her nice self and pleasantly nodding to the cop while her husband, who didn’t agree with officer, respectfully questioned him and explained his driving intentions.  I laughed and said, “Yep, that is totally how it would have played out in our car.  Me, appeasing and being as sweet and agreeable as pie, and Jon respectfully “discussing” the situation with the officer.”  There was a slight pause as the three older women in the room pondered this silently (because we are wise enough to keep our mouths shut) and then Maddie, who had been quietly listening to this conversation blurted out in an exasperated tone, “MEN!”

Oh boy, did we have a laugh over that one.

How do we reconcile how different we really are?  We look at God’s intentions.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 (NIV)

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.”

God created us for companionship.  The more we are able to accept and let go of our differences, the more blessed and easy that companionship becomes.  We were created to compliment each other, strengthen each other’s weaknesses, lean on each other’s strengths. Instead of being exasperated by the way your significant other handles something, what if you saw him/her as fulfilling the true purpose of who God created them to be?  What if, those exact things that annoy are actually the strengths that fill in your weaknesses?

God’s intentions were to create men and women in his image (which is perfect!) and provide us with companions to walk with us and differences to strengthen us.

When you are exasperated with your spouse, and cannot imagine how he/she can react or see things so differently than you, ask God to create a  miracle of understanding in your heart.  Ask him to show you how He sees your spouse…I bet it would be with eyes of grace and forgiveness.



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