Fall Decorating Ideas

Written By Amy

Fall decorating always seems to sneak up on me.  I just finish transitioning to back-to-school life, full of soccer games and homework, and all of a sudden it’s October and my few but cute fall decorations wait patiently in bins in our storage room for me to remember them.

Here are some fun fall decorating ideas I found on Pintrest, easy to more challenging.  I love the satisfaction of home-made, and maybe you do too!

You can find all of these ideas at http://pinterest.com/bhg/fall-decorating-ideas/

They are using live roses, but I might find these at Hobby Lobby for a low-maintenence version.

How personal and EASY!

Sticks and orange berries in a vase…

A little more effort, but how cool!  Paint your pumpkins white, then just press in brass tacks!

Hope you are having a wonderful end of summer, and can enjoy letting a little fall in through the front door!


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  1. Very creative ideas! Can you come to my home and give it a whirl? 🙂 Blessings, Hester 😉

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