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Hey ya’ all!  You know I am a photographer, right?  Well I am just starting up again after taking a year off!  I took a year after my father passed away to just get my feet on the ground.  When he passed away I lost one of my favorite babysitters, so I wanted to wait until my kids were in school so I could do my computer work while they are at school, not at crazy hours of the night or by leaving my kids with sitters all the time.  I am reentering and praying for God’s wisdom and good boundaries as I go.


I had my first sitting to kick off my fall photo shoots last week.  After a good year break, I am back at it! What a great way to kick of my fall photography season for 2012. Erika and I became friends in 7th grade. Lucky 7th graders to find a friendship that would stand the test of time. I was honored to take their family photos this week. They are a beautiful family! LOVE.  Here are a few of the highlights.  I love Erika’s color choice.  People often ask me what to wear and I think she did a great job!  Here is a good example for you.  I prefer a little dressed up.  The men look great in their collared shirts.  Erika and her daughter are both in purple but not the exact same shade and it works great.  The headband steals the show and ties their outfits together.  A great accessory like this headband is the ticket to great pictures!   Oh and a nice photographer:) hahaha!  Didn’t God make them beautiful?  I think so!!! Here is a link to my photography site/personal blog.


This one is my favorite!!!


Beautiful family photo.


He LOVES his mama!


It’s great to be a big sister!




Love this look!


I can’t help but smile when I see this picture!


She is beautiful! I love the texture the tree adds!


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