Drinking From My Saucer

by Jen Severn

My girlfriend’s mom passed away last week.  Her mom lately had been saying, “I am drinking from my saucer.”  It had become common in their conversations.  Char read this poem to explain.  I wanted to share it with you.  I have formated it so you can print it and put it into an 8×10 frame.  It moved my soul to hear these words.  A true attitude of gratitude, one this sweet lady lived by.

My mom and I drove up and this amazing view greeted us.

My Tribute to Char’s mom:

In a small town, when the sweetest woman,
who was motivated to serve by her love,
in her 90 lbs frame wore hay clips and could move a truck full of hay,
it was said, she never let the grass grow under her feet,
she thanked God for his grace,
and offered it to everyone she knew,
in this small town,
when she passed away,
the whole town showed up,
there was standing room only.

It was precious to be part of.
Men walking in with their straw cowboy hats under their arms,
their nicest worn boots,
a brown jacket with patches on the arms,
a suit jacket with a ranchers V sown across his back,
belt buckles, wranglers, all standing with the greatest respect to wish this lady goodbye.
Bronze skin, Colorado’s sunny squint marks worn in, hands like gloves, strong and worn.

A glorious day to see all God made in mountain, sky and man.

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