Just Like God…

Written By Amy


I started in a new business this past spring.  It is something, I believe, that will help ease the financial stress that has been a weight on our family for the last few years since my husband’s company entered bankruptcy.  Jon continues to work tirelessly to provide for our family, starting a second business on the side.  I  also started working a part-time job two years ago, which I love and am SO thankful for, to help partially cover the lost pay.  My husband’s company is out of the woods for now, but his pay is not yet restored to what it was.   So when this new business venture was presented to me, I was filled with hope–it was manageable time wise,  had a product that I have come to love, and laid out a financial plan that seemed realistic.

The journey in this company is a long one, because I will not see any significant pay from it for a year to 18 months.  It is a process of growing my business, and it is slow.  But I continue each day to visit the goal, and feel continually excited about what the future holds, even though I see no tangible outcome at the moment.  My friend, who is also a part of this company, asked me yesterday, “Why is it that we are so excited about this, when it requires great patience, perseverance and belief in the goal?”  I said, “Hope.”

Over the last few months I have often equated this journey of mine with my spiritual walk.  It feels so much the same.   With both, I press on daily, with both, I have successes and stumbles, with both, I have great hope.

In my new business, I try to spend a little time each day investing some energy into my goal.  It usually is a few minutes each day, some days an hour or more, but each day I do something.  If I go a week or two and don’t think about it at all, I feel detached and find it harder to catch back up to where I was. I find that every time I talk to a friend who is also in this business, I leave feeling so encouraged!  They are experiencing the same pitfalls, and their successes motivate me to press on! This is exactly how I feel about my effort as a Christian.  I need to have God DAILY in my life, so that our relationship remains strong and alive.  I need to spend a little time (or a lot some days) reading the bible, in a study about Him, or in prayer.  I must have fellowship with others who are in pursuit of the same goal, and time with friends who share my faith is always so motivating, so uplifting.  We all hope for the same.

So, I daily take up my cross and pursue God in my relationships, my work, my heart.  I often wish I was further along, as I do in my business.  Yet, I know I must continue to pour effort into my relationship with Him to continue to move forward, knowing that my investment will produce great returns.  I do not currently see the financial returns of this work in my life,  and likewise my walk toward the gates of heaven is often intangible, with my hope placed in a God that I cannot physically touch today.  But I am confident that someday I will walk with Him and be in His presence.  This is what I hope for.

Wouldn’t it be just like God to bring something into my life to help me clearly see what he wants my relationship with Him to look like?

“I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy and peace while you trust in him. Then your hope will overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


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