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Written By Amy

We are so thankful for the comments we receive…they are always so meaningful to Jen and I because they are heartfelt, honest, and let us know that you, Jen and I are connecting at some level.

Yesterday, Liz, my mother-in-law, responded to Jen’s post by email.  We wanted to share it with you becasue it is another real voice speaking into this topic.  Liz is a faithful woman of God.  She allows Him to speak into her life, things both difficult and beautiful.  Thank you, Liz, for sharing your heart with us:

I really enjoyed today’s post written by Jen.  The continuation of that line of thinking is how competitive we are with our children – sports, grades, behavior.  How I would judge (a long while ago) a child or family by how that child dressed, combed or didn’t comb their hair etc.  How I could feel jealous of another child and wonder why my child didn’t achieve the same recognition.  Or the flip side – what sort of parent would allow a child to behave that way in a store or restaurant.  It is such an easy trap to fall into – although I have been known to tell a child I did not know to return to their seat or to go and stand by their parent rather than run around the clothing racks in a store.  Just saying!!!

Now take that back to Elizabeth and Mary.  One woman would be the mother of our Lord and the other would be the mother of someone living in the desert, dressed in funny clothes and eating weird food.  Yet there was shared joy.  Don’t we all need that sort of trust in the Lord and His plans?  Do we all need that sort of grace to extend to each other?  And just think how both of these mothers must have suffered as they watched their children – just as we sometimes suffer when we watch ours.  And then remember how both of these children – second cousins – died.  John was beheaded and Jesus was crucified.  

Do we ever know the full story behind other parent/child relationships?  I think this is just another opportunity given to us by God to extend grace, leave things in His hands and at the same time recognize that perhaps the best reaction we can have in almost any situation is to smile, offer a quick prayer and praise God that He can be trusted and He is in control.
Thank you for your post today.  I just LOVE when it opens the door for God to stir my soul.

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  1. Thanks Liz!

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