A Time For Everything

Written By Jen

This post has taken me awhile to write.  I am writing it to say I will be gracefully exiting our GraceFullHome blog.  My reason is fairly simple, it’s a season of movement in my life.  All the movement is keeping me out of the office and that’s where I write my blog posts, so I am finding myself in a predicament.  What am I doing moving about?  Time for myself, my family, my friends, my job and even time for God.  I am looking forward to the next adventure that God has for me as we move about.  I am not sure where we are going but I well know my guide.  I wanted to thank all of you for reading my posts.  I think I may have laughed out loud when Amy asked me to join her as English has always been one of my worst subjects.  I have NEVER had a good grade on a paper I have written.  Writing has always been a weakness of mine.  I was quite thankful she asked and I am thankful you all have endured my lack of eloquence and loose grammar.  I have enjoyed this journey together.  My interest in writing has grown.  The thing I will miss the most is my time brainstorming with Amy and my connections with all of you.  Thank You again for all your comments and conversations that have come from this time we shared on this blog!  Amy, will keep on rocking it here on Grace Full Home!  I will be reading along with the rest of you!

Thank YOU!


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  1. Jen, I will miss you! I am so very thankful you took on this journey with me. You have touched many lives with your wisdom and heartfelt words. Love you!

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