What is Unpleasant in Your Life?

We all have things in our life that aren’t perfect.  Things we wish we could change–maybe chronic pain, maybe a difficult marriage, possibly a wayward child.  You fill in the blank.  Sometimes we question God and ask why?  Why does this difficult circumstance have to be in my life?  In those times we need to remember that God has a much greater plan than our little eyes can see, and it often has to do with the shaping of our souls.

This excerpt from a devotional I recently read describes it well:

I see unpleasantness in life as a lot like the ingredients in a chocolate cake, which in its finished form is delicious.  Imagine eating the ingredients one by one–a cup of flour, a mouthful of chocolate, a couple raw eggs, a cup of sugar. Yuck! But when you blend those ingredients together in just the right proportions and put the mixture in the oven at t=just the right temperature, you get something delectable.

Likewise, when we love God and know He has called us to be His, He will take every “ingredient” f our lives–pleasant and unpleasant–and blend them together for good to fulfill the greatest purpose possible: to “conform us to the likeness of his Son.”   p.9, The Lighthouse Devotional

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  1. I LOVE the cake analogy, and I think I get it! I would like to talk to you more about it soon.

    • Inga,
      Yes! Let’s talk about it–it is a good analogy to try to wrap our thoughts around–God has a plan, and can take all the ingredients of our life, sweet, bitter, raw, and mix them into something beautiful for His purpose.

  2. Hester Christensen says:

    Hello! Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us today. This is a great word picture and will keep my mind thinking on this visual for awhile. 😉

    God bless you,
    Hester, 😉

    • Thanks for your comment Hester, and I too will rest on this visual–already did a couple of times yesterday!
      God Bless!

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