Are You A Planner?


I thought  this was a great tag on to my “To Do List” post…

“Are you a planner? A planner likes to have life planned out.  She makes lists of what she hopes to accomplish in a day, week or month.  A planner looks ahead and knows where he expects his career to be in five years’ time.  She has expectation for her marriage and for her children.  A well-thought-out plan gives him peace.

However, life seldom follows well-laid plans.  Life takes detours that throw your plans off course.  How well do you handle these spontaneous changes? What happens to your peace-o-meter when your plans go out the window?

Change is difficult but it is possible to maintain peace in your life through the maze of life’s changes.  That peace is possible when you trust in God.  Trust in the fact that He’s in control of your life.  Trust in the fact that He wants good things for you and is guiding and directing you to serve him and others in a way that reflects His love to the world.

Look at the detours as opportunities not problems and rejoice in what they bring.”

p.83 Daily Inspirations of Peace by Carolyn Larsen

By the way, for those of us who ARE planners, here is a website with some cute ones—just be willing to ditch your plan if God has another one!



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