To The Mothers Out There

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day card quote copy


~Wisdom to know when to say “no” because it will teach a life lesson

~Grace to give love and forgiveness when we want to do something, well, different…

~Energy to read a story at the end of the day when we have nothing left to give

~Knowledge of when to step in and when to have restraint and  let the natural consequence play out

~Strength to give of ourselves entirely one more day so that we may raise loved and secure and disciplined children

~Hope that the really unpleasant character trait we see in our child will work itself out through consistent parenting and maturity

~Trust in God that he has wrapped our children in his perfect love and plan for their lives


I pray for all of us today as we celebrate Mother’s Day that we will feel the hand of God on our shoulder, and his whisper in our ear that he loves us and is walking this journey with us.

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