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Wow, it’s been a busy summer and I can’t believe it’s almost time for the kids to head back to school.  Speaking of kids, I came across this article by Dannah Gresh.  She is a wonderful author who writes books for parents of teen boys and girls:



She’s really listening to me!? I know-I know, it might not seem like it since you have had to tell her to clean her room 23 times today – to leave her brother alone 34 times… But she is listening to you. She listens closely.
She listens when you look in the mirror and complain about your hair and your wrinkles. She listens when you say you are fat and ugly. She hears you put yourself down. She also knows that her mom loves her and wouldn’t lie. So don’t be surprised if she begins to believe the negative things you say about yourself. That’s what you’re teaching her to believe about herself when she’s older.
As James chapter 3 reminds us, our tongues – our words – are exceedingly powerful. This power could be used to revive and refresh a weary soul or it can be used to set someone’s world on fire. The real challenge comes when we are speaking to ourselves.

Society tells women that they are only as valuable as their external beauty, all the while setting a standard of beauty that is out of the reach of everyone – including the celebrities. No one is crueler or more critical to us than the reflection we see in the mirror.


This way of thinking and of speaking must stop. As women we have been made in the image of God. Perfectly Crafted. Wonderfully Made. Dearly Loved. How dare we insult God’s masterpiece – how dare we belittle His work in front of the eyes of our daughters!


You and I don’t wish to have this self-loathing mentality take root in our girls. Mom, we have to be her role model. We must believe what God says about our beauty – we must speak it boldly. Next time you look in the mirror say, “Thank you Jesus, I AM HOT!” Try it, I dare you!


We can accept the fact that we were created as a definition of God’s beauty. We are an example of His handiwork. Moms, we must honor and respect our bodies as they are perfectly crafted by God Himself. When your daughter looks at you, she sees beauty. She wants to be like you someday. Don’t be the source of the lies she believes about beauty. She’s listening.

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