Written by Jen


Hey ya’ all!  You know I am a photographer, right?  Well I am just starting up again after taking a year off!  I took a year after my father passed away to just get my feet on the ground.  When he passed away I lost one of my favorite babysitters, so I wanted to wait until my kids were in school so I could do my computer work while they are at school, not at crazy hours of the night or by leaving my kids with sitters all the time.  I am reentering and praying for God’s wisdom and good boundaries as I go.


I had my first sitting to kick off my fall photo shoots last week.  After a good year break, I am back at it! What a great way to kick of my fall photography season for 2012. Erika and I became friends in 7th grade. Lucky 7th graders to find a friendship that would stand the test of time. I was honored to take their family photos this week. They are a beautiful family! LOVE.  Here are a few of the highlights.  I love Erika’s color choice.  People often ask me what to wear and I think she did a great job!  Here is a good example for you.  I prefer a little dressed up.  The men look great in their collared shirts.  Erika and her daughter are both in purple but not the exact same shade and it works great.  The headband steals the show and ties their outfits together.  A great accessory like this headband is the ticket to great pictures!   Oh and a nice photographer:) hahaha!  Didn’t God make them beautiful?  I think so!!! Here is a link to my photography site/personal blog.


This one is my favorite!!!


Beautiful family photo.


He LOVES his mama!


It’s great to be a big sister!




Love this look!


I can’t help but smile when I see this picture!


She is beautiful! I love the texture the tree adds!


Photography : These Walls Have Stories To Tell

Written By Jen

Here are a few things I look for and like in pictures as I think about backgrounds.  These walls have stories to tell.

I love this urban scene.  This is my niece who I am crazy about.  It was raining on us here and gusts of wind were whipping down this alley in this shoot.  I like these dark  walls that have the fingerprints of traffic on them.  Hard working Americans zip in and out of these alleys making this city their own.  The background is not too busy.  The yellow posts adds character and a point of reference.  The windows and vents and shades of grey add texture and dimension to this gritty urban scene.  There is something romantic about these well-traveled alleys in big cities, I think they have stories to tell.


Photography : First Birthday

Written By Jen

Simply Sweet!  A few weekends ago, we were celebrating our friends daughter’s first birthday.   Everything was so cute, I had to run home and grab my camera.   The birthday girl left her wings on for the entire party, I was so impressed!   Here are a few things I liked from a photography standpoint on these images.

This picture looked amazing black and white.  I think black and white images are classic.  I see her beautiful face and the number one, there is less distraction so I see finer details. There was a little discoloration in the grass, in the black and white it is not as eye-catching as it is in the color version of this photo.  I usually like soft black and white for children compared to harsh contrast.  It keeps them looking as sweet as they are.

On this image I like the simple background.  The grass says, “summer” and it’s a brilliant green background.  The tutu adds nice texture to the photo and it’s adorable.  The wings are a fantastic accessory for a fairy first birthday.  Her shirt is perfect!

This picture shows a little personality which I LOVE!  She has two older brothers to keep up with.  She may be a princess but, she’s not afraid of a little dirt!  Remember those mile stones, when your kids baby teeth are coming in? You have to capture that.  Just a couple tiny little teeth in that cute mouth.

Profile pictures are better if you can see at least, the eyelashes of your subject on the far side of their face.  I love the genuine smile and her bright eyes.

My friend Amanda is such a smart shopper I asked her to share with us where she got the outfit. Amanda said, “I got the shirt at Target on clearance for under $2.  I got the wings off amazon.  I got the tutu at children’s place, but I don’t see it listed online.”  Great finds!

I do believe God is crazy about children.  Here is what Jesus said in Luke 18:15-17 “People brought babies to Jesus, hoping he might touch them. When the disciples saw it, they shooed them off. Jesus called them back. “Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy. Mark this: Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you’ll never get in.”  Jesus loves, stands for and, sees great value in children. Love that!

Photography : Places

Written By Jen

Look for interesting lines in architecture to make your portraits intriguing.


Photography : Starting to Shoot on Manual Mode

SLR Cameras

For those of you using a SLR the best advice I received on learning how to use my camera was to shoot on Manual mode.  

 To start set the ISO on AUTO.

Try using the smallest aperture F2.8 or F4 (this is for a picture that has a specific focus and the background will be blurry).  The lens’ aperture is reduced to improve depth of field and sharpness.

Adjust the shutter speed so it is correctly exposed.  In a Nikon if you look  in the camera (as you are taking the picture) there is a scale that shows you if it is exposed correctly or not.  Adjust your shutter speed until it is.  This is how I started learning to shoot on Manual Mode.

DON’T USE A FLASH when learning to shoot on manual mode!

Take pictures in good light to learn.  Go outside during the day and find a subject in the shade.  As you get more comfortable then you can play with lower light, or harsher light and learn how your settings effect you pictures.

For a Point and Shoot

Put your camera on Portrait mode.  Take pictures on this mode for awhile and get close to your subject.  Start with your subjects outside, in the shade.  Note what is in the background.  Make sure it is something you want to look at (eg. not half of a car or a trash can).  See what you think.

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