Written By Jen

My kids like this song. Maybe yours will too?  There is a lot of truth in here!!


Sharing The Good Stuff : O Holy Night by Josh Groban

Wow!  Music is beautiful and powerful.  Josh Groban has one of the most pure voices I have ever heard.  BRAVO
Listen. Breath. Take it in.
O Holy Night by Josh Groban

Sharing The Good Stuff : Oh Night Divine

Tagging from Amy’s post on the Holy Night of Christmas; the song Oh Night Divine always touches my heart.  This is my favorite version of this song it’s by Rachael Lampa.  If you click on this link it will take you to her home page and this song is playing.  Love it.  Enjoy.  I get chills listening to her sing this song.  Amazing!  Looks like she will be singing at Cornerstone Church in Boulder this Christmas on  Dec 19th.

Staring The Good Stuff : Your Hands – JJ Heller

This is a song about understanding how to walk with God during difficult times in life.  One of my favorite lines from the song is:
 “When the world is shaking, heaven stands.”


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