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There has been a story that has been going on since the beginning of time and comes down to one question: Who sits on the throne of my life? It’s more than a story. It’s more than a question. It is a battle. A war. And, the winner takes it all. We are going to watch God and an earthly king go through 10 battles (plagues) to determine forever, “I AM king, and you are not.” Sound interesting?   Click on it to hear more.

What do you think of this talk given at Flatirons?  I heard rave reviews.  Here’s the link:  Listen

What do you listen to while you click around on Facebook or through emails?  Would you consider listening to something in the background that just may encourage you, cause you to think, and even entertain you.  Ah, this is a challenge.  It’s for you, and me!  I have been spending a bunch of time in front of my computer lately.  I have been editing, marketing, communicating and maybe even wasting a little time (confession).  Give this series a listen.  It rocks!.    It may change your perspective on the day.  I think it will.  Will it?





Sharing the Good Stuff : Messing with My Mind

Written By Jen

I listened to an AMAZING sermon called, I Didn’t Know on the way home from Jersey this weekend.  Jim our pastor lays it out.  We all have something in our life that is tossing us around, right?  Really big potentially, scary questions.  Should I do this? Can I have that?  Can I go here?  What if I do that?  It would feel really good if I… had sex with him, did that drug, spent that money, yelled at her, hit them, drank this, lied about that, had this, watched that, and the list goes on.  We all have this stuff.  I do.  In short the sermon is going to take a look at the excuses we use when what we want to do is in conflict with what God tells us to do.  Sometimes I feel there is a subtle battle raging in my mind, over what is right, what is good, what do you want and why?  For example, I want to buy all of us winter clothing.  Then it goes something like this.  How much should we spend, be wise, don’t care, just do it, no wait and see what you need, just do it, spend wisely, get what you want, be self controlled, set limits, no don’t.  These mind games can lead to serious situations.  What happens when they are about your relationships?   The stakes are high.  The battles begin in our minds.  If your decision could hurt the people closest to you, the people who you love the most then, the stakes are HIGH.    Our actions start in our mind long before we make a move.  I think this sermon is good for ANYONE.  I feel like my mind has been a battle field lately.  I needed to hear this.  Do you?  Do you have any side conversations going on in your mind? Have you been coming up with some good excuses lately? Me too!  I think most of us do.   You can click on this link and listen to it while you check your email or browse the web, or just sit and listen to it  but, listen.  The stakes are high.  It starts in our minds, and our minds can MESS with us.

I Didn’t Know

Ransom : Sharing The Good Stuff

Written By Jen

Our teaching pastor Scott Nickell at Flatirons Community Church has been killing it preaching a series called Ransom. Here is the summary of the series.  We love stories about people who have been imprisoned being set free, people who were enslaved being delivered and people who were condemned being released. God has been writing the ultimate story of ransom and we are a part of it.  I challenge you to listen to it and pray God will speak to your heart as you go.

Part 1 Crossing Over Audio : Crossing Over Video “Many of us are slaves yet we think we are free.”

Part 2 Running Back to Slavery Audio : Running Back to Slavery Video “Slavery is hard.  Sometimes freedom is harder.”

Part 3 Walking In Freedom Audio : Walking In Freedom Video “What does it look like to walk in freedom?”

I podcast the series and listen to them at the gym:) They can be found on iTunes under podcasts and then search Flatirons Community Church.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes and ideas from this series.  Listen to the series to put them into context.  I hope this series will encourage you like it did me.

God says don’t worship anyone or any thing except ME.  We can not grab the hand of another and expect to get a Father’s love.

Trying to be satisfied in anyone or anything other than Christ never pans out.  We always want more.  Jesus says, “I AM.”

God sent Jesus to this world to die for our sins paying our debt in full.  When you mess up, don’t run and hide condemned, run to His throne of grace.

Jesus is not our ticket to treasure.  He is our treasure.

It is for freedom that christ has set us free.  Stop running for those old chains of slavery.

What the heart loves, the will chooses and the mind justifies.

“God we are not going one more step unless it is with you!” Moses.

Sharing The Good Stuff : Staying In Love by Andy Stanley

Happy Friday!  Scott and I have been doing this 4 part marriage DVD series with a few of our friends.  It has a workbook that comes with it.  I would say the workbook is easy and light.  This is a great study to do with a new group or an old group of friends.  Each video is about 25 minutes.  I am sharing this with you because part two of the video is GREAT!  I haven’t gotten to part 3 or 4 yet, but the whole thing is worth it to hear the talk Andy Stanley gives in part 2 called Re-modeling.  He talks about familiar ideas in a new thoughtful way.  You can download just session 2 right here Part 2 – Re-Modeling by Andy Stanley for just $4.99.  Another idea is just to ask a few friends if they want to get together for 4 weeks and do a marriage study.  I threw in a promo video here for you to check out.  I am learning some new things about how to enrich our marriage.  If you are married or thinking about getting married Andy Stanley has some good words here in this series, Staying In Love.

Have a great weekend!

Sharing The Good Stuff : Encouraging


Hi friends!  I have found this series at our church amazing and encouraging.  What will this series offer you this week?
God is a God of Second Chances So Pay Attention

Salvation comes from the Lord, but it might not always be what you were expecting.

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