Book Club: The Five Love Languages of Teenagers

Written By Amy

Last October Jon and I officially became parents of a teenager when our daughter, Hannah, turned 13.  This phase of parenting for us has definitely lived up to its expectations! 🙂 It is a time of contradiction with displays of surprisingly mature behavior mixed with emotional meltdowns (The word “hormones” has become common verbage around here).  Hannah wants to be grown up, and we are constantly trying to figure out where to hold back and where to let her stretch her wings.  It is a time of texting, friend transitions, super self-consciousness.  A time of beautiful emergence into young womanhood, and a time of needing the security and safety of home more than ever. 

As a mom, I am constantly trying to navigate these uncharted waters the best way possible.  I mostly feel like I am floating around without  a map and only one oar!

I just ordered a book to help with this navigation.  It’s called The Five Love Languages of Teenagers, by Gary Chapman.  Jon and I read The Five Love Languages book for our marriage years ago and it was instrumental in helping us identify how we receive and give love.  This book is specifically designed to help understand how to love your teenager.  If you don’t have a teenager yet, I would recommend reading it as that time approaches (I wish I would have read it a couple of years before now!).

Here is a quote:

“This book focuses on what I believe to be the most foundational building block of  parent-teen relationships–love.  I believe that love is the most important word in the English language and the most misunderstood.  It  is my hope that this book will remove some of the confusion and help parents focus effectively on how to meet their teenager’s emotional need for love.”  p 12.  Gary Chapman goes on to say that parents love their teenagers, but the teenagers do not always feel that love.  That spoke to me because I want Hannah to feel our love more than ever as she transitions into young-adulthood.

Blessings to you this Sunday!

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