Love: Take What You Can Get

By Amy

All through the month of February, we are going to take our Monday post to speak of love. I recently was reading an Al-Anon devotional, and thought the words about love were powerful and applicable for any close relationship.

We often (unconsciously) expect our spouse or best friend, parent or even our children to meet our emotional needs for love and support.  When they let us down we feel angry, hurt or disappointed.  God is the only source of our true fulfillment, and I seem to have to remind myself of this more than I wish I had to!  I get myself into trouble with frustration over unmet expectations, and once again have to lay those emotions before God and ask Him to forgive me for setting the bar too high for others to meet all my needs.   Here is how the Al-Anon devotional expressed this:

Turning to an alcoholic for affection and support can be like going to a hardware store for bread.  Perhaps we can expect a “good” parent to nurture and support our feelings, or a “loving” spouse to comfort and hold us when we are afraid, or a “caring” child to want to pitch in when we are ill or overwhelmed.  While these loved ones may not meet our expectations, it is our expectations, not our loved ones that have let us down.

Love is expressed in many ways, and those around us may not be able to express it the way we would like.  but we can try to recognize love whenever and however it is offered.  When it is not, we don’t have to feel deprived; most of us find and unfailing source of support in Al-Anon (or in our relationship with God).

Today’s reminder:

Today the person we love may or may not be able to give us what we desire.  And no one person will ever offer all that we require.  If we stop insisting that our needs be met according to our will, we may discover that all the love and support we need is already at our fingertips.

page 2, Courage to Change

You may want to ask yourself today:

Am I angry or hurt by someone right now?  Is it because they have let me down based on my expectations of them?

Gently remind yourself that God will not let you down…you can expect him to meet all your needs according to Christ Jesus.  Because, He loves us like no other.

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