Death is Not Dying

Written By Amy

Today our family will attend a funeral of a mom in our neighborhood.  She leaves behind a husband and three children, the oldest 12, the youngest 5.  Cancer overtook her body in the last six months, and it has been hard to imagine what their family has been through during that time.

Kris was loved by many.  It was hard to find a spot to sign up for a meal to bring, there were so many that wanted to.  She has been showered with love and kindness the last several months.  I knew her because our kids have been friends over the last several years; we have stood at the bus stop together, and chatted about life at indoor soccer games.  She was one of the most gentle spirited, kind women I knew.  Our children have been heavily hit by the loss of their friend’s mom.  It will be a difficult day saying goodbye.

We have been praying that her family, especially her kids, would be comforted by God.  That they would feel his loving, strong arms around her during this heart wrenching time.   God is with those who have suffered great loss:

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”  Matthew 5:4

A couple of years ago I watched an amazing video of another woman named Rachel suffering from cancer, about the same age as Kris, leaving behind children, who somehow was able to speak in front of a large group about the lessons learned from her life….just two months before she died.  It is powerful, and it made me think of Kris and all the wisdom she would have been able to share.

Here is the website for Rachel’s video, where you can watch and hear her story:  Please take some time to watch it, it will change you.



Kris King


kris 2

Balloon Release in Honor of Kris

We will miss you Kris!



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