Pillow Pet Spirituality

Written By Amy

This weekend I took my daughter, Hannah, to her soccer tournament in Vail.   We arrived late on Friday night to my friend’s house who lives right outside of Vail and Hannah and I, sleepy from our drive up, with stomachs full of Beau Jo’s pizza (yeah!), crashed in a bed in the loft.  As I lay my head on the firm but comfortable pillow I thought, ahh, this feels good.  A few minutes into this peaceful state I rolled to the right and my head shifted onto a pillow pet that Hannah brought with her.  For those of you who are not familiar with “pillow pets” they are pillows, in the form of animals, that are covered with soft fur.  I remember drowsily thinking this was the most comfortable pillow experience I have ever had! Snuggling deeper into the pillow, my cheek resting on the downy fur, I pondered what I had been missing all these years of sleeping on a square, semi-firm adult pillow.

Then my sleepy brain went here (must have been the pizza): What else have I been missing in life?  What else, in settling for mediocrity, have I lacked?  It’s not even settling, it’s just not knowing!  Jen would say I have been missing out on the best cleaning cloth, the Norwex, and my gourmet foodie friends would say I am missing out on amazing foods that I refuse to try.  Sometimes when I step out of my city life and hike in the fresh mountain air, I realize I have been missing out on the power of nature to awaken my senses.

Is there a pillow pet of spirituality I am missing?  I am sure there is.  I often define my walk with God as what it always has been.  The bible studies, the familiar prayers, the community I walk with.  I love all of this.  But what if God has more in store for me?  Once in a while, I grasp this…sometimes in church when the worship is so powerful it brings tears to my eyes, sometimes when God allows me to see a glimpse of his active work in my life and others around me.  There are doors in our spiritual life that open to us on occasion, and if we are connected with God, we see what’s on the other side–glimpses of heaven, God working, hope.

What if I shifted and my head rested on a new experience with God…a capacity to forgive like never before, deeper relationships, greater hope, peace that surpasses understanding, compassion where there was dismissiveness, joy in long-suffering, and an ability to handle better whatever curve balls life throws at us.

When I discovered the lady-bug pillow pet of ultimate sleep, it was a bit accidental.  But in our walk with God we can actually seek this experience out.  Even for those of us who have been walking with God most of our life, we would be anything but humble to proclaim that we’ve seen it all.

How do you find your God-shaped pillow pet?  Seek God with your our heart, mind and soul.  Pick up the bible and read a new book.  Ask someone how you can pray for them–ask someone to pray for you.  Go through your daily life, but with the understanding that God is present and wants to be intimately involved in the details. Step outside of your familiar spiritual life.  Find what gifts God has given you and use them for His glory.  Point someone in His direction.

God has better for us. He has the best for us!

Let’s go find the “amazing” that is there for our taking, and toss the “just fine” off the bed.

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