The Joy of Pumpkins

Bringing back a favorite from last year…


I love pumpkins.  I think its because they are so clearly God’s creation…growing from a vine in the raw dirt, forming into a multitude of shapes and sizes.  And the color!

Here are some fun pumpkin decorating ideas (credits are cited below each picture)

This board I found on Pintrest…I would print it out in color and put it in a frame on my entryway table.  You can print it from the blog (just right click and save on your computer, you might need to enlarge it on your printer).

This brought back a flood of childhood memories!  Just fun to look at!

Below, I loved the painted pumpkins…really going to try to do that this year, and put them on my front porch.


What a neat idea, and this is a printable!  Just click on the link below the “Bucket List.”


Fall Decorating Ideas

Written By Amy

Fall decorating always seems to sneak up on me.  I just finish transitioning to back-to-school life, full of soccer games and homework, and all of a sudden it’s October and my few but cute fall decorations wait patiently in bins in our storage room for me to remember them.

Here are some fun fall decorating ideas I found on Pintrest, easy to more challenging.  I love the satisfaction of home-made, and maybe you do too!

You can find all of these ideas at

They are using live roses, but I might find these at Hobby Lobby for a low-maintenence version.

How personal and EASY!

Sticks and orange berries in a vase…

A little more effort, but how cool!  Paint your pumpkins white, then just press in brass tacks!

Hope you are having a wonderful end of summer, and can enjoy letting a little fall in through the front door!


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