Conversations about Work

Written By Amy

                           “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us–yes, establish the work of our hands.”  Psalm 90:17

As we know, life has seasons.  For many years, my husband, Jonathan, and I were in a season of raising young children.  So much of our daily thought and energy revolved around their needs.  Our kids are older now, and more independent, and while I would put one label of “Soccer Mom and Dad” on Jon and myself, a more deeply threaded season of “work” seems to permeate our thoughts and energy right now. I have mentioned before in this blog the instability of my husband’s airline career, and that I began working a couple of jobs about a year and a half ago to help supplement income.  Since then Jonathan has started another side business, venturing into the healthy vending world, and the past six months have been filled with perseverance, hard work and commitment on his part to walk the path of starting a new business.  My working world has evolved in several areas…working as a mom and spouse to care for my family, an Orthopedic office job (which I love and was truly God’s blessing and perfect timing in my life), tutoring (also love!), and another business venture I am pursuing.  My plate is full. 

My tendency is to run through life, giving God a quick wave as I rush into the next thing.   Of course I pray and ask God for his will, but I am a hard charger into whatever is before me and I often don’t wait for his clear answer.  As of late, I am challenging myself with the question, “Do I really want to know the answer if it looks different from my own ideas?”  I have been truly praying, “God, is this work I am doing in your favor?  Is the path I am on in life in your plan for me?”    While I believe that right now I am fulfilling God’s plan in the areas of work in my life,  I have committed to listening for a different answer if there is one.

 The verse above speaks loudly to me.  The Lord’s favor is a priceless treasure, and if you look closely at the verse it says “establish the work of our hands for us…”  It does not say we should establish our work and then ask for God’s favor.  He will bring us work opportunities, ideas, visions…and if we pursue them in his name we will hear his encouragement and feel peace.  It is when there is no peace, unrest, or discontent with our work or our choices that we need to bend our ear to God’s soft voice, and listen.

Whatever it is that you do, whether it be changing diapers and having a continual shoulder full of spit-up, or schooling your children, or providing for your family with a career or side-job, pray that it is in the Lord’s favor, and ask God to establish the work of your hands for you, that it may be the very best plan He has for your life.

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