How To Find Success in Your 2016 Goals


Hi Friends!

We are 7 days into the new year and I’m sure you are following all of your 2016 goals and renewed resolutions to the T!  Like the way I committed to a “No Spend January?”  So far I have already had a massage (justified medically helpful), bought some very necessary new pants for our family vacation next month, been to the grocery store practically every day because God-forbid we don’t have protein bars and fruit snacks, and caved to an infomercial on face cream. Yep, I’m totally dedicated.  Actually the face cream moment of weakness was my husband’s fault.  He is just so darn supportive…”You should buy it honey!”

Clearly I am not ready to take on the no spending challenge. It’s actually like my commitment to not spend money has taken away all my self-control in that area.

The problem lies in that I don’t think I REALLY made a commitment to not spend money.  I bought a book, and even as I read the first chapter and the author asked us to make a decision in this area of finances for the next month, I knew my heart was not in it.  I fake committed.  And it hasn’t worked out so well.

On the other hand, I have committed to have quiet times consistently, to organize my week so that I can accomplish my work and creative goals, and to exercise.   These are all going great so far!  Why?  Because I was ready to commit to these.  I truly wanted to make positive changes in these areas.

So here are a couple of thoughts about sticking to your new (or renewed) 2016 goals:

  1. Be selective.  You can’t decide to completely revamp your life in every way this year.  Pick two or three –or even just one thing to focus on.
  2. Know What You Want.  Well we all want to be skinny and have gobs of money in our savings and be kind and patient and never yell at our kids.  But what is the reality?  What is the thing you are READY FOR?  Just like the smoker who really wants to quit smoking but can’t seem to shake the habit because deep down they want more to keep smoking.  They are not ready, and maybe someday they will be.  I thought I didn’t want to spend a DIME (well according to the book you can spend a few dimes) in the month of January but I didn’t really want that.  Not yet.  I do know that I want to continue to grow my relationship with God and that means a commitment to spending time with him each day which is why that area is working for me right now.

Take a look at your goals for this year.  We are just a week in, but what is successful so far?  What isn’t?  That may give you an idea of what you really want.  God Bless!


GraceFULL Home In 2014

Hello Everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  Ours had a bit of sickness involved, which took out our immediate family and my Dad over holidays.  Sometimes my high expectations for it all to come together over the holidays just doesn’t account for things like throwing up and disinfecting every possible surface. 🙂

I wanted to share a few family pictures with you from the last part of 2013 before we move into 2014!


photo 34444

Hannah (16) on right got her first job at Nick and Willy’s Pizza–wow, they grow up fast!

ph 11

This is the beautiful tree that became our Christmas tree this year–we had a great time for our annual tree hunting expedition in Winter Park, CO.

photo 3333

This is our women’s bible study–at our Christmas party!  These women are all amazing and I am honored to do life with them!

ph 1111

Maddie (left) at her winter cello concert with her good friend Kate.

photo 5888

A family pic from the second story window of an old barn–yes we crawled up inside–a little gross 🙂

photo 4555                            Our dogs, Mo and Roxie, tuckered out on Christmas Day.  Tough being a canine.

Those were just for fun, but on the serious side I wanted to share some thoughts as we enter 2014.  You may or may not be a New Year’s resolution maker, but I happen to be one.  There is just something so freeing about putting closure to efforts and events of a period of time, and getting to move forward with a fresh start, new energy, and new dreams.

So, would you join me in making a few this year?  And you don’t have to call them resolutions if you don’t want to–maybe goals.

The next three posts are going to focus on the three resolutions that I am proposing for myself this year.  Of course, you will have different ones, but possibly these will resonate with you in some way.

They are in the categories of:


So, stay tuned for the next post focusing on how we can renew ourselves SPIRITUALLY this year.  I will share some hopefully inspiring ways to renew your passion for walking closely with God.

Happy New Year!





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