Goodbye Jen!


As you probably read a couple of posts ago, Jen is going to gracefully bow out of GraceFULLhome.   As she eloquently expressed, she is in a season of change–things have shifted for her in her time and activities. Also,  sometimes God begins to change our hearts toward things we have been doing.

How tuned into God’s direction are we?  Can we sense when it’s time to end something we are involved in and be ready for another door to open in our lives?  It’s easy and comfortable to continue to do the same thing we have always done, especially if changing that means we might hurt someone’s feelings, or upset those around us.  Change is difficult, and we don’t often know when we walk away from something  what the next “thing” is.  But, we need to be brave and  true to our hearts, and more importantly true to what God’s plans for our lives are.  He has great plans for those who seek Him.

I think we can all take a lesson from Jen and her ability to tune into what she is feeling about her life, what God is telling her, and her openness to a new purpose He may be working out in her life.  I am excited to see how He uses her for his Kingdom.

Jen’s decision to move on from the blog naturally caused me to evaluate my investment in this endeavor.  I took some time to pray and listen to what God wanted to speak into my life about this.  After doing so, I feel with conviction that I am to continue to share my heart with you through GraceFULLhome. God has not led me away at this point, and so my original purpose in starting to blog will continue:  to share what God is teaching me in my life, and to pass on pieces of writing or speaking that inspire me in my walk with God, with humble hopes that it too may help you grow closer to God and in understanding his character as you walk life with Him.

I want to thank Jen for all she has contributed to this blog.  She is wise beyond her years, and full of love for Jesus which shined through her writing.  I have been challenged and moved by her teaching and sharing, and will be grateful forever for that.  Our partnership in GraceFULLhome was a special gift for the season it lived, and I will miss that camaraderie, but I trust her fully in her decision to forge a new path.

Thank you as always for your emails, and comments when I run into you in the grocery store–it is so encouraging, and I will pass on your goodbyes to Jen as you have asked.



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