Things To Do

Join us in all the things we do.

Join us for Book Club as we dialouge about the recent books we have read.  We invite you to read with us.  We hope to hear what your thoughts are of the books on our Book Club list!

Amy has her own staging company so she knows all about design.  Come over to our Design Page and get some fablous ideas.

We deeply believe in the gift of giving.  It is good for our souls to give with joy.  We have some great ideas for the whole family to get involved in giving back on our Give Back Page.

Parenting is something we do a lot of.  We love to read, take classes, talk to friends and learn about parenting and we get a lot of pratice at it.  Check out our Page on Parenting to see some of the parentings issues we have been tackling lately.

In 2004 Jen started her own photography studio.  She has learned some great tips on taking professional photos along the way.  On our Photography Page she shares some of her hard earned tips on taking great pictures.

Both of us love to have friends over to our home and good food for our famlies.  Great food makes anytime we come together even sweeter.  We have shared some of our favorite recipes on our Recipes Page with you.