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Welcome to our To Think page.  We like to learn, ponder and wrestle with ideas that challenge us and encourage us to grow.  Here is a place where you can come to ponder.  You are welcome regardless of where you are on your spiritual and life journey.  If you are just checking things out, welcome.  If you are not sure about all this, welcome.  If you are tracking with us, you too are welcome.  But, we invite all of you to come and think with us.  We would love to hear what is on your minds too!

On our Bible 101 page you will find little bites from the Bible.  We may though in something we learned, why we like it, a challenge, or maybe nothing at all.  We choose bites, because it’s just a little something to chew on.  Just a bite!

Sometime we come across a talk, song, wise words or a devotional that we thought was so good we wanted to share it with the whole world.  Jump on our Morning Joe  page to find things that inspired us.

We are sharing the deep thoughts that are stirring in our heads, hearts and in our lives on our Coffee Talk.  Come on over and you will get a pulse on what’s going on on the inside of us.  How the things happening around us are effecting our hearts and how our hearts and minds are responding to what going on inside us and working thier way into our actions.  We talk a lot about stuff we all experince in life here.